Ancient Cities had “Urban Scaling” much like modern ones – A new study reflects

       Published : Feb 21, 2015 11:49 IST    

A new study reflects that the cities of modern day may not be all that different from how the ancient ones used to be like. It has been found through the research that ancient cities also have also gone through the mathematical phenomenon that we know as urban scaling .

It may come to a shock for some of us, but around 500 years ago, Aztec, the capital of Tenochtitlan was very much alike to the contemporary New York or any other major city. These cities flourished following the same regulations, autonomous of political or economic systems.

Research conducted in the past stated that as a modern city achieves growth in terms of population, same applies for their productivity and efficiency level.

Professor Luis Bettencourt, lead investigator of SFI's Cites, Scaling, and Sustainability research program stated that Our results suggest that the general ingredients of productivity and population density in human societies run much deeper and have everything to do with the challenges and opportunities of organizing human social networks.

A panel of researchers studied archaeological data of the Basin of Mexico which is currently known as Mexico City and its neighboring areas in order to achieve their findings. They have assessed the magnitude of numerous ancient temples along with thousands of houses in order to establish a population size and density all through the history.

The construction rate of these structures and their frequency of usage were also estimated by the team.

It was established from the findings that the bigger the colonization, the more productive the people were.

Scott Ortman, an assistant professor in the department of anthropology at Colorado University-Boulder and a former Institute Omidyar Fellow stated that they were stunned at the tools of the socioeconomic models such capitalism, industrialization and democracy to be the guidance of the cities we dwell in at present times.

In the anticipation of gathering more evidence to back up the phenomenon the team of researchers plan on studying patterns of colonization in ancient cities in the region of Peru, China and Europe.

Ancient Cities had “Urban Scaling” much like modern ones – A new study reflects

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