Call Of Duty: WWII – possibly the biggest game of the year

Some avid gamers have already grabbed early copies of the game and we are seeing screenshots and videos from the game via its social media presence.

Players can now head for the beaches of Normandy, long after the dust has died down from the famous invasion. They can run around, see each other and even interact to a degree. Loot boxes falling from the skies on to battlefields can also be purchased. These loot boxes can also be opened in public and the loot can be seen by other players.

For those with experience in Casino games, the wide array of tricks to get you play the slot machines will be pretty familiar. Throughout the casino, the sound of others winning money reverberates but you never hear any sound from those who have lost – maybe even lost everything they had! The latest CoD brings a similar experience, except for the fact that the settings are different on a beach and the timeline dates back to 1944.

The campaign effectively tackles the experience of the Holocaust as well as those that the American soldiers suffered. But, the taste that this battlefield casino leaves in the mouth is indeed bad, very bad. Activision, the company that brings this game to you, takes the CoD franchise as a means of raising funds for veterans which is a mission with incredible importance. Activision would perhaps do well to do away with the loot boxes on the Normandy beach from the game as a measure of reaffirming their respect for our veterans.  The game is launching tomorrow and one can only hope that Activision is listening to the sea of gamers who have already expressed their ire over this. Loot boxes are inherently problematic but this one takes it a little too far.

As for the reviews available online, most of them are based on single-player, since the multi-player server was accessible at first to Australians on 3rd November morning when most of us were sleeping. The reviews are potentially event-based and over a pretty short play time. More reviews and updates should be coming your way in the next few days which should be more comprehensive.