Diet Rich in Flavonoids Linked to Lower Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Last week researchers released a report that said foods high in flavonoids were tied to less risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Researchers already were aware that foods rich in flavonoids are beneficial against diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but this recent study is the first to analyze links between erectile dysfunction and flavonoids.

Flavonoids are the nutrients responsible for giving fruits their colors. That includes anthocyanins which are for the most part found in cherries and blueberries and flavanones and flavones that are found most commonly in different citrus fruits.

Men who consumed other types of foods that had high flavonoid counts such tomatoes, onions and garbanzo beans, also were able to lower their risk of having ED but by just 10%.

One of the lead researchers said the ED often times is a barometer of poor vascular function that can offer an important opportunity to intervene as well as prevent cardiovascular incidents such as heart attacks and even death.

All the participants began the study in good physical health.

As many as 50% of all men middle age or older, are affected in some way by ED and the answer is not always the little blue pill.

Researchers examined over 50,000 men who were middle-aged asking them during four intervals how long they could have as well as maintain an erection that allowed them to engage in sex.

The study did not prove direct cause and effect of the chemicals, but the findings show how a healthier lifestyle can affect a male’s sexual health.

Consuming berries as well as citrus fruits regularly can have benefits towards battling the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Flavonoids benefits were greatest in males who were 70 years old or younger, found researchers. Studies done prior have shown that the flavonoids could improve function of blood vessels and lower blood pressure.