Healthy Kids Day hosted by YMCA comes up a month earlier on 1st May 2016 in its 11th year

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The Healthy Living Program promoted by TSET Payne County strives to encourage physical activity, nutrition awareness, and tobacco cessation. It is important that children are kept healthy through simple changes in lifestyle so that they are healthy when they grow up. This objective can be achieved to a large degree when children are taught to choose healthy foods and be physically active during their younger ages.

One out of three children is obese or overweight, and that enhances the risk of a wide range of chronic diseases and other health complications. Evidence has shown that students are eating right and keeping themselves physically active while at school also pick up healthy habits for the rest of their lives and are better equipped for academic excellence. Schools joining the fight against obesity in children are celebrated during every Kid Healthy Week. In 2014, Oklahoma ranked down the table in terms of a State Health Report for children.

Fruit consumption by children in Oklahoma was just above the lowest

The state ranked 44th in vegetable consumption among children

For Physical activity among children also, it ranked 44th

Obesity was the 6th highest among kids in Oklahoma

Rate of adult smoking in the state stood at 23.3 % compared to the national average of 19.6% in 2012

The Kid Healthy Week is generally celebrated during the last week of April every year. It is an annual event in celebration of wellness and health achievements in schools. During the celebration acknowledgments are conferred on schools their efforts in improving physical activity, nutrition and learning recognized.

The celebration focuses on healthy children being able to learn better and draws a link between school performance and health. Individuals within the community are expected to support the healthy programs in schools promoting physical activity and healthy food choices. Individuals, parents, and teachers who are keen to get involved and learn are encouraged to visit and help contribute towards shaping the future of our kids.

On April 30, the Stillwater YMCA would be hosting the Healthy Kids Day. This free event is open to the community at Boomer Lake. Booths to promote health awareness, sports stations, and many more activities targeting kids are on the cards during the celebrations.

Healthy Kids Day hosted by YMCA comes up a month earlier on 1st May 2016 in its 11th year

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