Safe Landing For Russian Soyuz After 115 Days Mission With 3 Astronauts From Japan, United States And Russia

The Russian space capsule Soyuz has safely landed in Kazakhstan with all the three astronauts from Japan, United States, and Russia back home after a 115 days sojourn aboard the ISS.

The space shuttle landed on Sunday morning close to Dzhezkazan which is a treeless region in the steppes of Central Asia.  

Anatoly Ivanishin from Russia, Takya Onishi of Japan, and Kate Rubins from the USA were safely removed from the soyuz capsule and were seated on the steppes. However, they continued to occupy their capsule seats till they could adjust to the gravitational force on earth after nearly 4 months under weightless space.  After a while the astronauts were moved to a medical facility nearby for initial examinations.

The return trip was pretty quick for the astronauts and took just under 210 minutes from the time they undocked till landing in Kazakhstan.


The capsule was also tracked closely by helicopters and the upright landing of the capsule made it easy for extracting the astronauts quickly compared to a belly landing.  Three other members of the crew reached the orbiting outpost of ISS only last week to replace the astronauts who landed on Sunday.

Command of the space station was handed over to Shane Kimbrough, the US astronaut by Ivanishin, the Russian Astronaut who has holding charge of the orbiting research lab priced at about $100 billion.

The new astronauts joining the ISS are Ryzhikov, Kimbrough and Borisenko   and three more crew members will join them next month. The ISS is a project commissioned by 15 nations and orbits about 418 kms (250 miles) above our Earth