Samsung Galaxy S8 – The AI button may not be coming until April

Samsung may be betting heavy on its AI assistant yet to see the light of day to push its nextgen Galaxy smartphones.  A report from The Wall Street Journal states that the company has plans to add a dedicated button for the AI service to its offerings of Galaxy S8. The report added further that the latest from the internal prototypes of premium Galaxy S8 phones include a button on its side edge which would be employed for launching a beefed up version of the VI. Wall Street added further that its sources have cautioned that things could change since the prototypes are not final.

This also follows a Reuters report that Samsung will incorporate the AI assistant will be incorporating the AI feature into its wearables and home appliances apart from smartphones. Viv Labs was acquired by Samsung earlier in the year. This was a start-up by the same people who are behind Apple’s Siri. Therefore, it is assumed that the AI assistant will have the same technology. While the Korean mobile phone maker has not parted with details of the kind of features that the new assistant will be offering, it did say the assistant will differ significantly from competition and will work with a wide range of services from third parties.

At a briefing Rhee Injong, Executive Vice President at Samsung stated that even assuming that Samsung does not do anything in-house, attaching more services will make the AI assistant smarter and learn further new services providing them with ease to the end-users.

The Wall Street Journal meantime states that Samsung fans may need to wait longer before they get to see the flagship device from Samsung. During the last three years, Samsung has always unveiled its latest offerings in February, at the ‘Mobile World Congress trade show’. But, WSJ opines that this time, the unveiling may be delayed until April. Made wiser by the Note 7 debacle, Samsung would not want to leave anything to chance. Samsung would therefore want to play it safe with Galaxy S8 rather than being sorry rushing through the release.