Volcanoes deep down below affecting climate change, research finds

       Published : Feb 09, 2015 08:28 IST    

A recent study is suggesting that submarine volcanoes have the possibility of having a long-term impact on the climate change.

Maya Tolstoy, the lead author of the study has described, People have ignored seafloor volcanoes on the idea that their influence is small but that s because they are assumed to be in a steady state, which they are not.

Tolsoy, a marine geophysicist at the Columbia University also said that, Mid-ocean eruptions have been thought of as a small but steady contributor to climate. They are out of sight and out of mind, but it turns out they re quite important.

People usually study what happens on the surface of the Earth and the interior of Earth totally separately, so people doing climate modeling won t include what s happening under the ground and then people underground ignore what s on the surface, describes lead study author John Crowley. Crowley a researcher at the Harvard and Oxford University continues, But there s actually a strong link between the two.

Tolstoy adds, They respond to both very large forces, and to very small ones, and that tells us that we need to look at them much more closely. If you look at the present-day eruptions, volcanoes respond even to much smaller forces than the ones that might drive climate.

The fact that we have fewer eruptions means that less carbon dioxide should be entering the system, but what we re seeing is carbon dioxide going up, she adds, keeping in mind that these evidences provide at least one good reason for us to be concerned in regards to our part in climate change. This definitely supports the fact that anthropogenic impacts are affecting our climate.

In addition, Crowley goes on to say, The only way present-day sea level would have an effect on mid-ocean range volcanism is if the sea level change continued for thousands of years. That s still unclear.

Volcanoes deep down below affecting climate change, research finds

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