Day: October 10, 2019

California power shut off

2 million Californians affected due to power shut off which is to continue for five more days

Two million Californians are now without power for the second day. They slammed the PG & E or the Pacific Gas & Electric for shutting off more than 750,000 households in the state of California. The worst issue is the return of power is uncertain, which is expected to continue for a few more days. It is due to the announcement of PG&E that they will resume power only after dangerous weather conditions pass off and after checking all the utility lines for safety. Reason for power shut off by PG & E: Sumeet Singh, vice president of PG & E for community wildfire safety programs, has confirmed large number of outages and also about the potential unknown damages. But she also stated that it would take several days to restore power completely. The power shutoff is due to the National Weather Service caution of winds that could cause blazes in California. They also confirmed that wind gusts of almost 60 mph were recorded on Wednesday night at Mount Diablo […]

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-PlosOne Study: Food intake and depression are uncontrollable in the present generation adults. Francis and co-workers have analyzed a study focusing on the food and depression factor among young adults in Australia Macquarie University. The study published a significant improvement in the depression range concerning diet factor in young adults in PLOS ONE journal. Always there is a myth of healthy life in consuming healthy greens, fruits, and vegetables compared to the intake of processed foods, a high-fat diet by the nutritionists and doctors. The nutrients present in the Mediterranean diet foods like Blueberry, Beans, Almonds, Egg, Broccoli, Nuts, Olive Oil, Grains, etc., intake reduces the health risk; Many studies are revealing the diet and depression. But only a few studies come with the clinical trial. Francis Study and Trial Result: Francis in Australia studied the association between diet and depression. Francis and Co-workers practically examined the study with young adults facing high depression with unhealthy diet patterns. Several studies proved that […]

Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston

Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston

Mila Makovec recovered from fatal brain disease: The New England Journal of Medicine published on 9th October a new report on personalized medicine, which could bring life to more than 1.4 child patients. It is about the tailor-made genetic treatment given to six-year ole Mila suffering from Batten disease. It is an orphan neurological disease that causes shrinking of the brain and could kill the children in their late childhood or during their early teens. This new report paves the way for more customized treatments for children with fatal brain diseases. Mila Miracle Foundation: Mila Makovec’s mother, Julia Viaterell, wrote how healthy she was in her Mila’s Miracle Foundation website. But everything started to change for Mila Makovec from her age of 3. By the time it was found that she had Battan disease, she was unable to see and to walk without help. But with her mother, Julia and Dr. Timothy Yu of the Boston Children’s hospital developed tailor-made treatment within a year. After injecting the medicine via the […]