A new study confirms that the Universe is dying slowly

A new study confirms that the Universe is dying slowly

A multi colored survey has been published by a team of astronomers showing 5 chunks of space and offering the best estimate of the speed at which our Universe is fading. The team analysed light from as many as 200,000 galaxies in 21 different wavelengths to find that in 2 billion years, the energy output of this universe has about halved. These findings are also in agreement with earlier calculations confirming that lights are gradually going out right across the spectrum.

This drop is attributed largely to the falling rate of formation of new stars. These results which have come from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey were presented, at the International Astronomical Union s general assembly in Honolulu.

Prof. Simon Driver, the principal investigator stated that nearly all the ground based and space telescopes that the team could get were used to measure energy output from over 200,000 galaxies across the broadest wavelength possible.

Dr.Stepher Wilkins from the University of Sussex added that the rate of formation of stars was slowing down significantly leading to a situation where we are experiencing a decline in the total energy output.

The team is now presenting the huge data collected, to other astronomers for further study and analysis. Dr. Stephen added that this way lot of other people outside his team can jump on this data and explore further which was incredibly important. He also added, speaking to BBC News that combining such a wide array of wave lengths was the strength of GAMA whereas the previous surveys had concentrated only on a few.

Since the team had employed a wide variety of the most powerful telescopes in the world both in orbit as well as earthbound, the analysis spanned wavelengths from infrared to UV light and included in the middle, small strips of visible wavelengths. This way, the team could look at light from the stars which are both old as well as young and the light absorbed by the dust and then re-emitted. Therefore, the new assessment of Universe declining included information culled from a large variety of galaxies not excluding the ones hidden behind dust.

After adding various other details connected with the survey, Prof. Driver wrapped up with a cosy but sad analogy that the Universe will be on the decline from now on, similar to an old age that lasts eternally. The Universe, he said, has basically sat on the sofa, pulled up the blanket and is ready to nod off for the eternal doze.

A new study confirms that the Universe is dying slowly

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