Bank Of America Will No Longer Lend Money For Military Style Gun

       Published : Apr 11, 2018 17:47 IST    
 Bank Of America Will No Longer Lend Money For Military Style Gun Bank Of America Will No Longer Lend Money For Military Style Gun

A spokesperson for Bank of America on Tuesday said that the bank is planning to step out from its clients those who are making military-style firearms for civilians. The unprecedented move of the bank is a result of parkland shooting that killed 17 students on February 14.

A statement has been said by the Vice Chairwoman of the Bank Anne Finucane in an interview that the bank was already engaged in discussion with its clients who are well known for their modern military-style firearms to control their production of rifles like AR-15.

She said that the bank had some intense conversations with its clients. The bank asked them to put down the production if they refused to do so then the bank will make decisions over sweeping down that client from the bank's lending list.

She said that the Bank of America wanted to contribute the efforts of parkland survivors for amending the gun control in the country. Previously in the month of March, the CitiBank had proposed its gun-making clients to not to sell guns for the customers under the age of 21 and high capacity magazines. Even some big gun retailers like Walmart had also refused to sell firearms to their customers who are below 21.

Ms.Finucane also said that the bank will continue its service with the firearm retailers but with certain norms that which prevent civilians from acquiring long guns and handguns that cause heavy damage in the military style.

Following the Citibank now the BoA also step ahead in the way of supporting the activists shouting for severe gun law in the country.

A nationwide protest was conducted across the country against the Trump Administration and the National Rifle Association by the survivors of Parkland shooting and their supporters to enact a stronger gun control to ensure the safety of future generation.

On February 14, a 17 years old Nickolas Cruz burst into his old school with an AR-15 and started firing randomly. This horrible act of Cruz had killed 17 people including both students and teachers and also injured many. This incident had created more hatred over vast gun proliferation and leads the people to protest against the government.

Bank Of America Will No Longer Lend Money For Military Style Gun

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