Monsanto posts a positive average earnings surprise of 0.08%

Monsanto posts a positive average earnings surprise of 0.08%

Being a leading international provider of row crop and vegetable seeds amongst other agricultural products, Monsanto Company has posted a positive average earnings surprise of 0.08% to establish itself as a relatively successful company in a highly competitive sector.

Monsanto is also a global leader in the marketing of herbicides for industrial, turf, and other agricultural use, and it also supplies herbicides used for garden and lawns in residential areas. Its biotechnology expertise at helping farmers to control weeds and crop pests has helped the company to raise a $56 billion market capitalization fund, and this has delighted investors as well as customers.

Based in Missouri, Monsanto has also developed its own high-yielding crop varieties in response to the stiff competition from other seed marketers and related agrochemical companies. However, the financial standing of this major agrochemical company is dependent on foreign exchange rates and the prevailing economic situations of countries where it conducts its primary agrochemical businesses.

In the face of the fact that its investors await reports of its latest earnings, Monsanto has always had an enviable earning records, and it only missed its estimates only once during the last four trailing quarters, bouncing back to post a positive average earnings of 0.08% which has proved a surprise to all.

Still awaiting the posting of its financial earnings for the current quarter, investors can be intimated of the key stats recorded at Monsato to the end that the company is doing so well. During the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 that ended November 2014, the company has posted earnings of 47 cents per share in a continued operation that came to an end in the past year-ending.

However, Monsanto has been able to generate a revenue of $2,870 million which is actually below a Zacks Consensus Estimate of $2,956; this has been a miss for this company. The soybean seed and other traits transactions of Monsanto did superbly with revenues that rose up to 48.35 annually to the point of reaching $396 million; and stats reveal that Monsanto has generated a free cash flow of $969 making it reach an enviable 112% over the years.

But then, judging by the anticipation that attends upon the shares of Monsanto, its shares gained about 0.6% after having slumped by nearly 0.9% in pre-market trading sessions.

Monsanto posts a positive average earnings surprise of 0.08%