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Stress during Pregnancy is defining the sex of the baby.

Study: Stress during Pregnancy is defining the sex of the baby.

As of old myths, a new study revealed the correlation of behavior and development of pregnant women connected with the wellness of their babies. The ancestral belief of being in a good mood during pregnancy aids in the healthy development of the fetus inside the mother’s womb. A new study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed the physical and mental stress of pregnant women may affect the baby’s sex, prenatal behavior, and postpartum health for both the mother and baby. On behalf of the study, nearly 190 pregnant women within 18-45 years of age have examined by the researchers. Their result suggested that the subjects are exercising Physical stress and mental stress at around 17% and 16%. The reasons are likely because of anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and the intake of more calories in the carrying women. In America, pregnant working women suffering more from anxiety that just doubles the percentage of stress. This extreme stress behavior affects the birth of a male child, posing […]

Stop overthinking if you want to live longer

Excessive neural activity may reduce your lifespan, says a paper published in Nature.

Stop overthinking if you want to live longer, says a paper published in Nature: On 16th October, a paper published in Nature found that excessive neural activity in the brain linked to a shorter lifespan in humans. The research paper says, naturally if you give more work to your brain mind with deep thinking, it will reduce your lifespan. Though the finding of the published article is only preliminary, it opens up about some possibilities to slow down the effects of aging with the help of drugs, behavioral activities like meditation, and others. Extend your life with less neural activity Dr. Bruce Yanker, a professor of genetics and neurology at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the published paper in Nature, shares many facts of it. The link between the nervous system activity and lifetime was within expectations. The new finding is that the mechanism that controls brain excitation being closely related to the one that controls the metabolism. Explanation of the published paper to extend life with less neural […]

depression among the youth

What is the cause of rising suicidal thoughts among the youngsters of America?

National Institute of Mental Health pediatric psychologist, Lisa M Horowitz said to a magazine that the current rise in youth suicide needed to be taken as a public health crisis. Ursula Whiteside, a researcher at the University of Washington said, those who say that they know the cause of youth suicides do not know anything about it is the contention. Researchers have found many debatable reasons for the increased suicidal thoughts among US youngsters. Some reasons that are listed by various medical and research sources as There was a significant rise in suicide rates after the release of the controversial show “13 Reasons Why.” Bullying, drug addiction, and alcohol consumption remain the primary cause of suicides among teenagers. Peer pressure leading to anxiety and depression among the timid minds of the youth. Internet and social media seem to be the primary cause of this steep rise in the last ten years. It is the same time that there was a rapid rise of the internet and social media in America. […]

Suicide death in America

Suicide is about to become a primary cause of death in America.

Suicide overtook homicide as the second most common cause of death in the US. An alarming report of CDC on 17th October states that there is an increase in youth suicides of 56 % over ten years. The CDC highlighted that American teenagers are suffering from the rise in anxiety and depression more from family members than boyfriend or girlfriends. Meanwhile, the CDC report has confirmed the dropping of homicide rate by 23% in the same period of 56 % rise in suicides among youngsters between the ages of 10 to 24 years. The CDC report was by a survey conducted from September 2018 to October 2018 among 10,683 teenagers aged between 13 to 17 across America. Rate percentage and number of a person dead per 100,000 from 2007 – 2017 Teen suicides increased in the US, as reported by the CDC or Center for Disease Control & Prevention, has sent shock waves across America. Sally Curtin, a statistician at the CDC’s National Health Statistics and lead author of the […]

Ancestry is about to deal with picturing people's genetic health conditions with its AncestryHealth.

Ancestry is about to deal with picturing people’s genetic health conditions with its AncestryHealth.

How would you like to find the possible health conditions of your family? Are you taking them to a regular health check-up or a test for hereditary diseases? Well, you could have gone either way. But, how about analyzing your genetic health conditions and draw a pattern to predict your possibility for the same? Ancestry, the famous geology giant, formally known for tracing genealogical records of people on request, has revealed two new gene testing methods similar to 23andMe. The DNA testing company seems it’s about to through focus on the health sector rather than tracing and building family trees for people. With more than 16 million family history records and user-created family trees, Ancestry has become the most extensive database for genealogy. Ancestry is taking its overwhelmed genealogical data of people across the world to find their consumers’ health defects across generations with its new plan called AncestryHealth. With AncestryHealth, one can predict possible carrier conditions by analyzing their family tree’s health conditions. As per the information provided by […]

Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida

Immunotherapy Trial Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida.

Immunotherapy Trial Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida: Jacksonville, Florida: Cancer ailments and therapies never been positive in the long run with mortality leaps day-by-day. Carcinogenic symptoms and post-ailment risks are severe for the victims. Radiation and chemotherapy are common treatments in practice to reduce cancer cells. However, therapeutic side effects make the condition worse in patients. The immunotherapy trial vaccine therapy helps to kill the cancer cells directly without harming the healthy cells. Immunotherapy shot produced from the victim’s blood and made to counteract in the patient’s body. Immunotherapy gave birth to its first cure in the women affected by breast cancer in Florida. Mayo Clinic in Florida diagnosed Lee Mercker with stage zero breast cancer. Jacksonville’s Mayo clinic tests a new immunovaccine through clinical trials. Lee Mercker shocked after diagnosis and left with three types of therapy, such as lumpectomy(removal of cancer cells ), mastectomy(removal of breasts) or Mayo clinic’s trial vaccine from Dr.Saranya Chumsri. The therapists tell Mercker that vaccines will help the body […]

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy, Boston University of Medicine.

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy, Boston University of Medicine. The treatment for any disease is to reduce the defect or pain for the patients. But what can we do when the therapy itself causes an add-on to illness. Of course, therapy opens the door for the progression of the disease treated. Osteoarthritis is a joint impairment that occurs when the soft tissue cushion under the bones breaks down. It befalls, especially in sportspersons frequently. The common therapy for osteoarthritis is injecting corticosteroid in the hip or knees to lessen the severe ache in the joints. Symptoms of Osteoarthritis include pain, inflammation, inactiveness in the joints, lack flexibility, cartilage dislocation. The cartilage is the soft rubber-like tissue under the bones protecting the joints of the hips, knees, elbows, and hands. A study published by Dr.Ali Guermazi, Radiology Professor at the Boston University of Medicine, states, “The corticosteroid shots in the hips and knees for joint pain are not safe” in his paper in Radiology journal. The shots of cortisone jabbed in […]

Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products: Breast cancer mortality rate is high both in developed and developing countries. Honoring the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, nearly 12000 doctors, along with a non-profit, recommend the Food and Drug Administration to affix the warning label on the cheese products stating, “Diary Cheese contains hormones that may increase breast cancer “. The demand for breast cancer warning labels has been submitted to the FDA at the beginning of breast cancer awareness programme month on 3rd, October, 2019. High-fat dairy products pose an increased risk of breast cancer mortality in women all over the world. The Estrogen hormone present in the dairy product such as milk, cheese is biologically active with more concentration; Dairy, when consumed at a higher rate, causes breast cancer mortality risk. This urged the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine with many doctors to demand the FDA to promote cheese products with a carcinogenic warning label. There are many study relations focusing on Dairy and […]