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Now, Epigraphists can use an AI to Restore Ancient Texts.

Now, Epigraphists can use an AI to Restore Ancient Texts.

Google Owned Artificial Intelligence company, DeepMind, has found a way to decrypt illegible Ancient Scripts with AI. PYTHIA, an Artificial Intelligence model from DeepMind, is capable of restoring characters of any damaged or missing ancient scripts. If this AI could go on a full-blow, then it could be the world’s first digital epigraphist that will be used by human epigraphists in assisting. It is the first time an AI used in such a platform. The invention team has already found a better result using the AI over a Greek inscription that dates back between seventh and fifth century BCE. According to the paper published by the DeepMind, PYTHIA achieved character prediction from an ancient text with a 30.1 error percentage. The count is less than 57.3% of human epigraphists, said the DeepMind. PYTHIA is a digital epigraphist that won some Ph.D. students in Oxford during the testing phase. Historians are always more keen on excavated ancient texts. They believe those texts could say a lot about a passed away civilization […]

AirPod Pro Will be Available For Purchase Within this 2019

AirPod Pro Will be Available For Purchase Within this 2019.

Apple is about to unveil its pro version of AirPod with the name “AirPod Pro” later this month. Apple has adapted the add on “Pro,” like its competitors, from its iPhone 11 series. This sophisticated Airpods are expected to be a kind of Apple’s next-generation noise-canceling buds. They would be wireless as the technology giant has tagged a high price for the pods — a Chinese daily reported Apple’s plan to sell those Airpods for $260. These AirPods were previously expected to be released by early 2020. As per the reports, those pods are about to hit the markets later this month. These upcoming AirPods are believed to be working with advanced noise-cancellation technology and all-new sporting design. Also, the noise-cancellation technology would be entirely adjustable for user preference. So, the Pods can also be used as earing aids, suggested an industry source. Another source sited that these pods are designed to resist vacation and gym usage. Never the less, they are water-resistant too. This upgraded AirPods may be readily […]

Face Detection System

UK Government passport photo checking service with Face Detection System for Passport

Face detection system for passport: UK government Home Office spokesperson confirmed the launch of a face detection system for its passport photo checking service. It is against its recent report received by through FOI request that it is aware of the problems of passport photo checking service. The research carried out earlier had found it challenging to identify people who are very dark or light and to provide an acceptable passport photograph. Home office says the users can override the photo checker and proceed with their passport application. But, their website warns people of problems with their use if the photo does not meet the specified rules. FOI request on face detection system for passport checking service Last week’s report from the Home office received through FOI or Freedom of Information request confirmed the inability of the face detection system by the passport photo checker. The said report was obtained by campaign group MedConfidential which confirms, that the government is taking a stand of image analysis of black people not […]