Christmas tree triggers fire - $6 million mansion burned

Christmas tree triggers fire - $6 million mansion burned

A few weeks after the festive holiday celebrations, something very unfortunate has happened in the $6 million Annapolis mansion. Fire officials confirmed that on Wednesday, the family Christmas tree caused a brutal fire and has taken the lives of four beautiful children and their grandparents.

The Christmas tree was decorated in a 19-foot high ceiling and connected to the living and sleeping areas of the mansion. What ignited the fire was a faulty electrical outlet which was provided power to the Great Room of the home. In this horrifying incident the life of homeowners Don and Sandra Pyle was lost along with their precious little children Lexi, 8; Katie, 7; and their first cousins, Charlotte, 8; and Wes, 6.

The family said in a statement that even though they have found out what has cause the fire, it does not bring them any peace expect for a long road to accepting the fact that their loved was are gone.

Chief Allan Graves of Anne Arundel County stated Purchased in early December, the Fraser fir of 15 foot of height was cute around 65 days earlier. It provided a compelling, and concentrated source of tinder which fueled the fire to spread out very rapidly in the 16,000 square-foot mansion.

It has also been said by a person close to the case that all the six people died of smoke inhalation and burns. Although officials have not yet confirmed that statement and are waiting on the final report from the medical examiner.

The officials are withholding information regarding the positioning of the body in the scene of the fire or whether anyone has attempted to flee the situation are also being kept confidential out of respect for the family.

The head of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Bill McMullen has said that the fire was the outcome of a terrible accident and took place at the worst possible moment.

Fire officials also confirmed that the huge tree amalgamating with the oxygen available in the huge mansion s spacious rooms ended up turning into an inferno. It was so large and everything must have happened so fast that the Pyles and their grandchildren could not manage to escape the property.

Christmas tree triggers fire - $6 million mansion burned

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