Comet Lovejoy says “Goodbye Earth! See you 8,000 years”

Comet Lovejoy says “Goodbye Earth! See you 8,000 years”

Take a look now or wait for 8000 years, the possibly of that being next to nothing. a take it or leave it moment for the sky gazers to witness the Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) with their naked eyes on the night of Jan 24th .

The past three years Comet Lovejoy, discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy November 2011, has been taking the breath away of astronomers. It has finally bid goodbye to Planet Earth on Saturday night and she will not be spotted again from the earth anytime in the next 8000 years.

The people were informed by the observatories to unite with them in viewing this magnificent comet on Saturday when they still had time to do so.

One may ask why that Comet Lovejoy is such a talk of the town and why everyone is mesmerized by it. The reason for such awareness and getting more attention than expected from the sky aficionados was because of its distinctive green and fuzzy light which set it apart from all the other comet out there. This greenish attribute of Lovejoy is because of the diatomic carbon gas that is present in it

The absurdly green glow and fuzziness of Lovejoy sure was a social media sensation where sky gazers all around the world shared snaps of the inquisitive green spot that lay still into the gentle night.

It is said that the comet will come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 30 January 2015 before vanishing into the outer space for 8000 years.

On the 7th of January, Lovejoy bypassed nearest to Earth at a distance of 44 million miles which is almost half the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Scientist said that the last time it came near the Earth was approximately 11,000 years ago.

If you have misses watching Lovejoy, keep yourself on the lookout for another interesting Celestial treat asteroid 2004 BL86, tonight (Monday), January 26th.

Comet Lovejoy says “Goodbye Earth! See you 8,000 years”

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