Criteo share rise after deal news

Criteo share rise after deal news

After the news reported at the French media that advertising firm Publicis Groupe SA likely to buy the digital advertising company Criteo SA, the Paris based companies share jumped rapidly and it reached to 21 percent in the early trading hours at Nasdaq.

However a sure shot deal was heading towards the merger between Publicis and Omnicom Group which was revealed back in 2013, July which has been restarted again three months ago which has been denied at the very last moment according to the reports published on a financial daily.

But according to a website which revealed the news without any named source that Publicis was looking to make a deal with Criteo which has been a reflection of that news recently emerged.

According to another news source it was learnt that the amount of capital which Criteo has can easily make the deal for Publicis as the total value of the French firm does not cross $ 2 billion which is undoubtedly an easy call for Publicis.

While the deal has been termed as Criteo is one of the very best and largest players in the French market there are many more good deals available in this market pointed BNP Paribas analyst Charles Bedouelle which shows the amount of quality at the French market.

Meanwhile Criteo has been going through good times since their launch from 2013, October informed their revenue will rise on their full year revenue forecast.

On the other hand due to low sale comparing to their target for this year after they fail to meet the merger deal with Omnicon three months back.

Criteo share rise after deal news

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