Douglas Announces Sale on Its Book Store Chain Thalia

Douglas Announces Sale on Its Book Store Chain Thalia

When Amazon is giving tough competitions to its competitors it s hard for the rivals two stay at the market and for that reason German retailing giant Douglas have launched sale on its book store chain Thalia after facing difficulty doing business.

However there was not much interest from any familiar authorities where the interst was mostly showen according to the sources was the financial investors and it was also learnt that they are yet to find a buyer of the sale after they have been fail to secure any deal yet.

Last year Advent bought the company Douglas who also have the business of beauty products, clothes and jewelry products where the firm is now looking to expand their beauty care business after they bought Nocibe a French perfumery group and will be selling their confectionary outlets.

Thalia the book store chain has the outlets of their products on Austria, Switzerland and Germany have been struggling to firm their footings in the business as they have been getting fierce competitions from the rival online book stores where Amazon is leading the market.

Meanwhile the spokesman of Douglas informed that they have looking for their best possible options in the business to blossom the and also a strategy of building a strong resume of the firm.

It was also learnt that the current CEO of the company who is also the son of the chairman of the company s board Henning Kreke will be stepping down from his position at the end of September which was also learnt according to the reports.

Douglas Announces Sale on Its Book Store Chain Thalia

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