Eat fish and benefit the days of your pregnancy

Eat fish and benefit the days of your pregnancy

According to a new study it has been revealed that ocean fish intake can help overcome the probable risks associated with pregnant women and their unborn babies. An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the findings of this new study.

This new research pointed out that the babies of the pregnant women with high intake of fish during their pregnancy benefits from the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from the ocean fish. Even though the probable adverse effects of the expose of mercury has always been a concerning factor for pregnant women but the new study shows that the benefits overtake the risk much further than one would think.

Sean Strain, Ph.D and the lead author of the study and also a professor of Human Nutrition at the Ulster University of Northern Ireland states that the findings point towards the type of fatty acids that a mother to be consumes during the months of her pregnancy may make a difference in regards to her child s future neurological development.

An outstanding source of Omega 3 fatty acids comes from fish, a compound which is vital to the development of the brain and the eye of the baby. Not only the brain and eyes but this source of compound also shields the brain from the toxic acids which comes out of the mercury. As we all know, the human body cannot produce Omega 3s compound on its own. Therefore the pregnant woman must include fish in her diet and must intake in at least 12 of her meals per week.

A survey was taken by some researchers at Ulster University regarding the benefits of fish intakes during pregnancy. They have closely monitored around 1,500 pregnant women belonging to the Republic of Seychelles for about 20 months. The people of that region consume an average of 8 meals per week which is inclusive of fish, which is much higher compared to any other nation. These researchers later found out those women consuming fish during the months of their pregnancy gave birth to healthier babies.

A recent FDA report revealed that fish is very harmful during pregnancy which contradicts this report so researchers believe that the advantages and disadvantages should be reevaluated.

Eat fish and benefit the days of your pregnancy

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