Ebola vaccine phase 1 trial begins in African Guinea

Ebola vaccine phase 1 trial begins in African Guinea

According to report from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Guinean government in partnership with the WHO has initiated the very first efficacy trial of an Ebola vaccine this week, in an affected community of the Basse-Guin e, one of the worst affected areas in the country.

The Ebola vaccine VSV-EBOV was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

This landmark operation gives hope to all of us, in Guinea and in the world, that we might soon have an effective public health tool against Ebola, should the vaccine prove to be safe and effective, stated the WHO Representative in Guinea, Dr. Jean-Marie Dangou.

The start of ring vaccination clinical testing today in Guinea is therefore one of the most important milestones we have achieved in seeking a modern line of defense against Ebola.

It is has been demonstrated that it has appropriate safety profile and it induces an antibody response in the bodies of the people who have been immunized, but we don't know if it works, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO s assistant director general and the agency's head of research and development for Ebola said from Amsterdam.

It is the last step for the vaccine before it is used and registered as a commercial product.

Vaccinations for now will include only adults, who are most at risk of infection, with the exception of pregnant women.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 10,200 people. The outbreak seems to be waning overall but the goal continues to be trying to completely eradicate the disease as soon as possible.

Previously, people in Guinea have attacked health-care workers with stones and machetes amid rumors that they were plotting to contaminate them with the virus.

The fear and the resistance towards all Ebola-related intervention is still hanging in Guinea, said Jean-Paul Jemmy, medical coordinator of operations with Doctors Without Borders in Geneva. We hope that with the proper community engagement those can be mitigated.

Sakoba Keita, national coordinator of the fight against Ebola in Guinea, said combining control measures already in place with a safe and effective vaccine will allow us to close this trying chapter and start rebuilding our country.

Ebola vaccine phase 1 trial begins in African Guinea

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