Aquaman Stuns the Global Box office with Magical Numbers
The latest sensational superhero film from DC Universe, the Aquaman is having a glorius reception all over the world and here is the international markets Box office...

Before releasing in the domestic market, DC’s new superhero Aquaman swam to the International markets and had a wide release. The film received generally positive reviews from everywhere and witnessing packed screens all over the world. The movie opened in 42 markets and stayed as No:1 for the weekend worldwide.

Aquaman topped the China box office for another weekend and scored $54.2 million in its second weekend. The movie is performing like not less than a Marvel movie in any means with fantastic figures in the Middle Kingdom. While the US home market is waiting for its release, the world is welcoming Aquaman with a huge reception.

The movie is performing in key markets like Brazil, Russia, Mexico, UK, India etc and doesn’t have much competition until Christmas weekend. Aquaman made $126.4 million last weekend bringing to a total $261.3 million for the total international box office so far. Below is the break-up from some of the top performing international market for Aquaman.

Aquaman International Box office Break-up:

China:  $189.2M

Brazil: $7.7M

Russia: $7.4M

Mexico: $7.9M

The UK: $6.5M

Indonesia: $5.3M

Taiwan: $4.7M

Philippines: $4.3M

India: $4M

Thailand: $3.5M

Key markets like France, Korea, Germany, and Spain are yet to have its release in the coming weekend.