Glass English Movie Leaked Online
The latest Hollywood sequel Glass from the Unbreakable and Split Trilogy has been leaked online in piracy sites on the release day with high-quality prints online...

The joint sequel Glass is a long-awaited film directed by the promising M. Night Shyamalan and the film is a sequel of two different films Unbreakable and Split made by the same maker. It is a dream project of the maker himself and both the previous films have got a huge fan base across the globe. Proving that the film is getting a wide reception in various regions across the world and now as quite a shocker, it was leaked in piracy sites on the release day itself.

The film is getting polarised reports all over with mixed response. Fans are loving the film while critics state a lot of negative points in the film. A lot of reviews said that the narrative pattern in the film is confusing and had to catch it as an audience. Amidst of all those reports, the opening day box office going strongly as per early predictions.

The film is all set to deliver a high opening weekend of about $50 million along with Thursday night premieres. Glass stars James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson and the sci-fi mystery drama is said to be complex superhero film built with a dialogue-driven intense film with terrific performances from the cast.