Etta Ng Chok Lam and Andi Autumn
Jackie Chan's Love Child after a longstanding relationship with her Homosexual girlfriend marries her and the couple proudly announced the message on Instagram...
The Love Child of Jackie Chan, Etta Ng Chok Lam (19) married her longtime girlfriend Andi Autumn (31) earlier this month and the couple posted a picture with their marriage certificate and announced the world about their marriage. Both of them left their home by October 2017 due to opposition from their homophobic parents and now seem to be in a good shape in life.
The couple posted a video on youtube a year ago when they left home as they were homeless and sleeping under a bridge. Their parents left them homeless and have nowhere to live, they have been to police, hospitals, LGBTQ community shelters etc and nothing gave them anything and the couple was confused at that time as said in the video.
Now the marriage announcement from them left everyone happy after knowing about their life in a peace and love. Etta said in her Instagram wall posting their picture as “Love is undoubtedly stronger than blood… Everyone deserves love… Love always wins. Always and added all about their relationship and love for each other.
United by love & law on our wedding day, If you never give up on love and you put all your heart into the family you’ve dreamed of, an open mind and warm heart will guide you to happiness, said Autumn on Instagram and concluded that “Love Wins”. Wellwishers around the world felt happy for the couple and wishes started pouring for them all through the social media.