NTR Trailer Screenshot
Already in two parts biopic, the actor turned politican N.T.Ramo Rao released and ended failure in box office. The movie acted by Balakrishna and Vidhya Balan poorly
Director RamGopal Varma on 8th March released a new trailer of his upcoming film Lakshmi’s NTR, which is based on late movie-godman NT Rama Raos active journey in the world of Andhra Pradesh politics. The first trailer introduced us to the main conflict, which is Laksmi ShivaParvathy s entry into NTRamo Raos life. The latest trailer gives us a sneak peek into the high degree political drama that plays out over NTRs personal and intimate relationship with Lakshmi ShivaParvathi.
It wont come as a surprise if the movie Lakshmis NTR kicks up a huge discuss in political circles with the elections just around the state. The second trailer portrays Andhra Pradesh present  Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu as a cunning and ruthless politician, who revenge his own family for the sake of power. The film is said to be unlikely to give a favour even N.T.Rama Raos family.
By watching the trailer, his family turned against him after he decide to marry Lakshmi Shiva Parvathi, who was 33 years younger than him.RGV narrated the biopic of NTR life, both poltical life and family life through NTR’s second wife angle. Ram Gopal Varma called the movie as the first woman oriented men’s life. The movie will soon hit the threaters and the director gave credit with Agasthiya Manju.