Viswasam Movie Online Leak Tamilrockers
Biggie Viswasam which saw overseas premieres has achieved the first victory with the piracy obstacle as the movie is delayed from the online leak...

The online leak of Viswasam is seeing a delay in the famous piracy site tamilrockers despite the overseas premieres took place by Wednesday evening itself. While biggie movies get leaked on the early first day itself every time, Thala Ajith’s Viswasam has not yet released by the piracy site so far.

While celebrations are on the top for the star’s film, the movie is getting wide reception with positive reviews across the globe. It is said to be a perfect family entertainer and Siva seems to have worked out the success formula this time. After Veeram the rural entertainer is expected to engage the audiences from the successful combo.

The piracy site is eagerly looked forward by the piracy audience and it is not a healthy practice for the benefit of the industry. The only way to stop piracy is in the hands of the audience to ignore the online watch and enter theaters and pay for the entertainment.