Avengers Endgame Record Opening Weekend
Avengers Endgame has opened in a vast number of overseas markets and topped the box office creating records in the regional markets with staggering figures...

Avengers Endgame released in 25 international markets on Wednesday and opened with record numbers at the box office. The movie recorded $169 million at the box office globally in the released regions so far. The film, after getting some wide anticipations at all corners is citing at a never seen before weekend numbers at the global box office.

The film opened in China and collected $107 million for the opening day, beating the previous best Infinity War. The market is ready to deliver a huge weekend and bid a perfect farewell for the phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Endgame posted all-time top openings in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Greece and Egypt regions.

Meanwhile, the movie recorded the third-best opening in Singapore, Austria, Iceland, Germany and number two in Italy. The film opened in the U.K, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Rep, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad, Bolivia, Chile, and Colombia on Thursday and rest of the markets are having a Friday release set to give a staggering opening weekend.

It is expected to breach the $1 billion club for the opening weekend itself going by the trend so far. The domestic box office is projected to cross more than $300 million releasing at 4,662 theaters, including over 3,900 3D locations, 410 IMAX screens, 785 premium large format screens and 250 D-Box/4D locations.