Bradley Cooper Explains about his personal connect with Highly Acclaimed A Star is Born film
The director and lead actor of the film A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper who is making his directorial debut with this film open up about his personal connect with the film

A Star is Born is an upcoming musical romance film directed Bradley Cooper starring Bradley and Lady Gaga which marks the directorial debut of the actor. The movie is highly appreciated in its early festival screenings and expected to bag a lot of awards in the coming days. Bradley Cooper explains why he turned down the role in 2011 and later decided to do.

The actor/director of the upcoming film said in an interview that he thought he wasn’t utilizing all of him and it is a perfect film to showcase the talent of him as it has the potential to be a cult film and he plays a musician in the film. During 2011, when Clint Eastwood approached him for the movie, Bradley turned down and didn’t agree to play the role.

The role was so intense that the lead actor must have musical skills to take over the role. Now after these days, Bradley is a trained musician and can perfectly play the role and this time he decided to take charge as a director to handle behind the camera works for the film too. He added that this kind of role is one among the six characters he wants to play onscreen.

He says those roles were Elephant Man (Broadway), a soldier which he did in (American Sniper), a chef (Burnt) while he doesn’t open up about other roles. Lady Gaga is starring opposite him and whether it is an autobiography or a fictional film, it is going to steal the audience’s hearts and money at the box office releasing on October 5, 2018.