Crazy Baby Performing Girls like you along with Dad: Watch the Viral Video with Cute Expressions
Watch the viral video of a dad and cute baby moving for the song Girls Like you with sweet expressions from the little kid...

The video of a baby performing like singing for the Maroons famous Girls like you song is going viral on the internet. The video started spreading through Whatsapp and now shared through other social platforms too.

The video featuring a dad carrying his baby and both singing and moving for the song and the cute expressions from the little baby got everyones attention. The sudden trend got the kid into the spotlight and it is not known whether the dad or mom came to know about their video being spread virally across the social platforms.

Soon it will be on YouTube trends while you might be wondering where the video came from. The video was uploaded anonymously by many users and is loved by people across various countries. Now here is the earliest video uploaded on Net, check out and fall in love with the crazy little kid.