The upcoming film Escape Room looks promising with the trailer released recently and shows some surprising visuals promising to deliver a hardcore thriller...

The upcoming horror thriller Escape Room trailer released recently and making some havoc expectations among the audience. The interesting plot of the film is about six strangers locked inside an unimaginable circumstance equal to that of a fantasy world constrained in the structure of a single room. The trailer turned out to be a surprise for everyone as an unexpected dark horse coming the way.

The glimpse starts with the strangers getting a gift card kind of substance marked with a location to reach out for some interesting task. Then they came to know that it was a trap inside the mentioned location (a room) from which they got to escape with the help of available clues in the atmosphere around them. Supporting the storyline, the treatment and set pieces around the film seem to have made in an engaging way bringing a solid thriller.

Right after the release of the trailer, the movie got increased popularity almost above thousands of rankings in IMDB, gaining curiosity among the viewers. The movie is directed by Adam Robitel who previously directed the successful horror film Insidious: The Last Key and expected to strike the chord of a horror thriller with a different storyline. It is announced as January 4, 2019 release and with a promising genre, the film is sure to get a huge opening.