Hugh Jackmans The Front Runner Trailer Rise and Fall of Gary Hart the American Senator
The upcoming film The Front Runner is based on the true story of the American Senator Gary Hart who was a republic president candidate in the year 1988, raise and fall

The recently released trailer of the upcoming film The Front Runner which is based on a true story throws the needed curiosity among the audience which looks like an incredible true story that is to be told. It is a biographical movie made with black comedy style starring Hugh Jackman as Senator Gary Hart who made a sensation in American politics during the 1980s.

The movie is completely based on his life story that is filled with highs and lows which he faced in the political field. He just rose to a whole new level in American Election Campaigns while the media is one which made his graph slide down targeting his extramarital affair. He was a front-runner in the presidential nomination in the year 1988 while he dropped out due to the controversies.

Hugh Jackman seems to have pulled off the role of Hart by completely portraying the man and rewind the history with his performance. The trailer looks pretty cool with the film being treated with Dark comedy filled with serious moments showing the whole mood of the film under the 2-minute glimpse. 

The movie also stars Vera Farmiga as Oletha Lee Hart, J. K. Simmons, Sara Paxton and an ensemble cast playing the real roles of the people around Gary Hart. The movie is primarily based on the book All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid and directed by Jason Reitman, slated for November 7, 2018 release.