Intimacy Coordinator Hired by HBO for Safe Shooting of Sexually Intimate Scenes in TV Shows
The Networking Giant HBO has hired a, advocate for ensuring a safe and secure making of sexually intimate scenes in their TV shows and will be present for all the shows

The HBO Network has hired an Intimacy Coordinator to oversee/advocate the making of sexually intimate scenes in shows. The network is popular for bring explicit scenes in their shows and appreciated for maintaining a sensible platform for such scenes to entertain the audience. When actress Emily Meade of series The Deuce approached the network to have an advocate for making sexual scenes onset, the network started thinking about it and now came up with an action plan.

It’s been a year since the #MeToo controversies broke at Hollywood and a series of allegations on many actors and technicians. It is high time that such actions are taken to have a safe environment in the industry in order to create a secure atmosphere for the artists. HBO hired Alicia Rodis, the associate director of Intimacy Directors International (a non profit association) to overlook the intimate scene making for all the shows.

Alicia Rodis said that, Sexuality which is one of the most vulnerable things for all human, there is no proper system to advocate and since it is the thing that someone does in real life that is created onscreen, it is important to not being you, while making without emotional connect. Rodis would listen to the story and will make her involvement in potential problem areas by consulting the artists and makers to bring an understanding of the concerns.

With consents in mind, Alicia will be working on bringing a safe atmosphere and make sure the producers are making sex scenes in a safe way. At this moment, this is really a needed factor to improvise the culture and bringing a voice for the one’s they think that they don’t have. HBO was criticised many time for brutal sex scenes in their series Game of Thrones and many such instance. Their recent development in this case is an eye opener for the industry in the respective field.