Lady Gaga Shares about her Rape Trauma and PTSD on Vogue: Featured the Magazine Cover
The Iconic Singer-Actress Lady Gaga featured the Vogue Cover for October and spoke about her life and the traumas she is facing during the interaction with the magazine

The Vogue’s October cover features the pop star Lady Gaga and the singer-actress shares her life’s biggest incidents and her traumatic feelings in the magazine story which revealed her distress and the problems she is facing in life.

It is known that Lady Gaga has already revealed about the harsh incident happened to her at the age of 19 when she faced a Rape and the traumatic effects that are still haunting in her life. She also spoke out her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that touches peaks at times and the thing she wants to erase from her memory comes out in mind as a monster to face.

Speaking about her PTSD symptoms, she said that it feels like stunned and stunted and like a roller coaster ride that makes to feel like a drop in the stomach, diaphragm seizing and makes it tougher to breathe making her cry at times. Trauma has a brain and thinks and works like every other do in the way it wants, she added.

Chronic Pain is not a joke, the star says and it is like every day waking up without knowing what would it feels like! Gaga, when asked about her happiness in her contemporary life, said that she is embarking on a new territory and challenging herself focusing on new things that she believes in. And she considers this as her transition period and interesting times of her life.