Mac Miller the Young Famous Rapper died at 26; Drug Overdose said to be the reason
The Famous American rapper Mac Miller died on Friday morning while the reasons are not disclosed, drug overdose is said to be the cause of his death at the age of 26...

The 26-year-old young Rapper who is known for his well-acclaimed hit albums passed away on Friday uncertainly while the reason for the death is assumed to be drug overdose as he has regular drug habits. The Rapper has already opened up about his drug addictions earlier and the substance abuse was a reason for the break up with his ex-girlfriend Adriana Grande according to her tweet.

Malcolm McCormick called Mac Miller as his stage name was found dead at his Los Angeles home and the police are investigating about the cause of death. The autopsy of the body is yet to happen while the exact reason for the death is not disclosed by the officials. Miller was found irresponsive in his home and declared dead by 11:51 a.m. by the medical examiner of the Los Angeles County.

Malcolm is known for his experimentation in his music and is well acclaimed for his craftsmanship taking a different root from the commercial track. He began rapping at the age of 14 under alias EZ Mac and rose to a stardom quickly with his natural style and quality works that gained him a high fan following.

The family of Miller is under grief while they expressed their thanks to the fans and well-wishers for all their prayers. They also requested to respect their privacy in this situation and the cause of death is not known meantime. Fans are so worried about the sudden death of the talented singer and sharing their emotional messages on social media.