The Incredible Hulk in Avengers had once again hit the headline of Marvel fans by throwing out a spoiler about the upcoming Avengers Infinity War film...

Mark Ruffalo is known for his controversial revelation of the most important spoiler before the release of the Infinity War film that thankfully was turned out as a funny note at that time, but after the film release, it was a complete shocker to fans about Ruffalos spoiler speech. A few days back he left a clue for the next Infinity War movie ending through Marvelist Podcast. He said that multiple endings were shot for the film and Russo Brothers werent sure about setting an apt ending for the film.

The recent exiting Mark Ruffalo thing is that he possibly revealed the title of the upcoming Avengers film during his interaction with the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night and also the actor let out some secrets about the Hulk character in Infinity War. Later he tweeted to the Jimmy Fallon to beep out the spoiler elements in his speech and the director Russo Brothers replied with their tweet You are Fired. Though it clearly looks like a funny promotion by the team, it is worth getting deeper to know stuffs about the film.

A Fan in twitter used some software to take away the beep sound and extracted the voice of Mark to know the title of the film. Listening to the audio, The Last Avenger is known to be the title given by Hulk while the other sayings of him about the film werent even heard by the people who took part in the show. Though the title didnt seem to be the true one, it might be a hint from the team hopefully about the soon to be announced title. Below are the interview video, Decoded audio along with the Tweets from the actor and director of the film.