Marvels Netflix Series Iron Fist Third Season wont happen: Confirms Netflix
The Netflix series of Marvel, Iron Fist has been announced to be stopped with the second season due to the infamous title and bad reception for the previous seasons...

The Netflix series Marvels Iron Fist will not have a third season, confirms a representative from Netflix recently to a media which made fans disappointed while most of the audiences arent bothering it, as the series didnt make much impact.

The first season in 2017 was a disaster as it was dull without a pace and moments to enjoy. Being slammed by critics and audience the season wasnt a good starter for Marvel and it got a negative buzz among the audience for the upcoming seasons at that time.

But the second season was an eye opener for the series as it satisfied the audience with good making and engaging action sequences maintained at a good pace of screenplay. Marvel Television along with ABC Studios produced the series and telecast rights were with Netflix for all seasons.

Though the latest season was a success, that couldnt save the series and it is dropped by the makers deciding to stop it with 2 seasons. Marvel series like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil are running successfully on the Netflix while the much expected Daredevil Season 3 is set to have its premieres in the platform on October 19, 2018.