Matt Damon Turns 48 Today: His Award worthy Portrayals and Subtle Acting
Actor, Screenwriter Matt Damon who is known for his subtle acting turns 48 today and here we look back at the best roles that he did in Hollywood to be remembered always

The Unique and Subtle actor Matt Damon turns 48 on this day and it is worth looking back at the hard-hitting roles that he made it look simple with his subtle acting and expressions owned by him. Matt also written scripts for some of his films and also produced and edited few films. He won an Academy Award for his screenplay along with Ben Affleck for the film Good Will Hunting. He was also nominated for the Best Actor category several times in Academy and Golden Globe awards in which he won 2 Golden Globe awards of Best Actor for The Martian and Good Will Hunting.

He started his career doing minor roles and his first onscreen appearance was in Mystic Pizza (1988) and after which he acted in a lot of supporting roles until getting a lead role in the film The Rainmaker by Francis Ford Coppola. Good Will Hunting earned him the big recognition in his career where he showcased the writing skills that got him an Oscar along with a nomination for his acting. His role as a soldier in the film Saving Private Ryan and as a criminal in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley in late 90’s raised him to the stardom with great critical acclaims and commercial success too.

The film series Ocean’s Trilogy and the spy franchise Jason Bourne earned him an unforgettable identity in the mainstream cinema with longstanding action roles of the lifetime. His titular role in four Jason Bourne films made his profile hype to the peak and his intense role in The Departed were some samples to see his talent of making a role look simple with a complex method of acting. His career was a mixed bag with various roles and his role as a rugby player in the Nelson Mandela’s biographical film Invictus earned him an Oscar nomination for which he worked hard for the role.

His friendship with Ben Affleck is known as they worked together several times and their collaborative production company Pearl Street films launched in 2012 with the film Promised Land. Another Spielberg film True Grit brought him back to the business and the 2013 film Elysium showcased his completely off-beat performance and got appreciations from all corners. 

The Martian is one film which pushed forward his popularity in the worldwide market with a huge success collecting $630 million making it as the highest collected film in his career and his performance earned him a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination. After that, he starred in another Jason Bourne film and also acted in a raw action-packed role in Chinese based film The Great Wall. Limiting himself from appearing onscreen the actor is coming back with a full-fledged role in the film Ford vs. Ferrari after a year gap scheduled June 28, 2019 release.