Mel Gibson to direct the remake of 1969 Western film: The Wild Bunch
The 1969 Cult classical film The Wild Bunch is all set to have the latest adaptation to be helmed by Mel Gibson who is capable of pulling a high scale quality film...

The Wild Bunch is an epic western film of America released in the year 1969 directed by Sam Peckinpah and was one of the most acclaimed films of that period. It also tasted a commercial success taking the film to gross $11 million at the US box office. The movie had a cult following at that time which stars William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan while it was nominated for the Best Screenplay in the Academy Awards.

The Warner Bros had attempted a lot of times in the past period to remake this classic with some maker and now it has finally took over with the legendary maker Mel Gibson who recently proved his best potential with Hackshaw Ridge making it a worldwide acclaimed film and having made a number of epic masterpieces like Brave Heart, Apocalypto he has placed himself in the top spot in terms of making a grandeur action film with rich writing.

Gibson is also co-writing for the upcoming remake along with Bryan Bagby and also he is the executive producer for the film. The movie focuses on a bunch of aged people looking for the last score as the Western tradition of America was turning into an industrial era. It is sure to strike chords being made in the style of Mel Gibson as he is expert in making intense projections of a normal scene with his screenwriting and making skills.

The makers have already begun their location hunt in places like Australia and the shoots are expected to start during the spring of next year. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson is working on his next film Destroyer starring Mark Wahlberg and also set to act in the film War Pigs for Millennium directed by Tommy Wirkola.