Possible Blockbuster Hollywood Sequels Line-up Includes Edge of Tomorrow
It is quite exciting to discuss the possibility of sequels of our favourite successful films and the films listed here are almost confirmed to have sequels, check out...

Sequels are always quite exciting for movie audience as the premise gets an up lift through a powerful sequel most of the times and it easily gets a wide reception following the base provided by the successful previous films. Not all the times, a sequel turns successful lie the first one, as it is also hard to full fill the expectations created by the previous film.

The upcoming possible sequels lined up in Hollywood looks exciting and promising as the films which had great box office success and a cult following over the recent years is said to have a sequel in the coming days. Though official announcements havent been made on some films, most of the films are said to start the sequel works any time.

Edge of Tomorrow

One of the most favourite Tom Cruise films for many of the sci-fi lovers and an all-time memorable film is Edge of Tomorrow which has a comical treatment of a sci-fi thriller made in an entertaining way where Tom Cruise is set to wake up on the same day which made the audience rave about the film even now. Though the movie wasnt so great as the content in the Box office, it has got a huge fanbase now and speaking about the sequel with Director Chris McQuarrie, he said that the ideas are there and might happen in the near future which significantly makes a possibility of making a sequel.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The successful 3D animation franchise has got its release date itself of February 22, 2019, as the third part of the film will make the return after two films. The rider and dragon fighting for the protection of their only treasures follow the plot.

Frozen 2

The first part of Frozen is undoubtedly a most successful animation film in the Hollywood history as the 2013 film still remains as the highest collected animation film in the global box office. While Incredibles 2 is racing towards the total of Frozen it is only possible for the sequel of Frozen to regain the momentum to make a top stand releasing on November 27, 2019.

Annabelle 3

The hunt of Demonic never ends and the fans are yet to get thrilled once again with the haunting mood of the third film of Annabelle franchise. As reported earlier the shoot of the film has started and the Little Captain America Girl stars as the little girl and target of the doll this time.

Fantastic Beasts 3

It is too soon to talk about the third film of the franchise indeed as the second part Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is yet to release. But the film looks confirmed to go on floors soon after the release and reception of the second film while it can be expected by anywhere mid of the year 2020.