Rewinding the Career of Captain Marvel and Academy Winner Brie Larson on her Birthday
The talented pretty actress Brie Larson is celebrating her 28th birthday today with her most anticipated film Captain Marvel is all set to release and get a WW acclaim...

Current spotlight among the Marvel fans is the talented actress Brie Larson for none other reason than much-anticipated superhero film Captain Marvel which is expected to be an eye opener for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. The actress has made her career as a constant rise with certain mix up of critically acclaimed and commercial choices.

She has won an Academy Award for Best Actress for the much-acclaimed film Room where she acts as a seven-year captive held in a small locked room and where she gives birth to a baby growing the boy for five years. The role earned her a several numbers of awards for her fantastic performance in the film. Today would probably one of her best birthdays as she is in an all-time high of her career with the world going to see her as Captain Marvel soon.

At the initial stage of her career, Larson played in supportive roles in various films where she got noticed for her comedy roles in the films and gradually started playing lead roles in the feature films. Her films like 13 Going on 30, Sleepover, Madison, Farce of the Penguins, Remember the Daze, House Broken, Just Peck, Tanner Hall, Greenberg were did in her initial stage and the film Hoot got her some appreciations and her role in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World got her the deserved attention and made her a well known actress of Hollywood.

Her supporting roles in 21 Jump Street, Don Jon were turning points to make her career shape up with some mainstream films. It was until 2015 her big breaking came with a single room, as her full potential was unleashed with the independent drama film Room that won her several acclamations and emerged as an iconic of Hollywood and in her career too.

After that, her roles were not meaty enough to shine with her skills and the current trends suggests her next step of raise in Hollywood with the Captain Marvel film she is yet to show her face to the worldwide audience followed by the most anticipated Infinity War sequel which would be offer a huge hike in the career. 

Though she gets to play in such serious highly acclaimed roles, she never stops playing the girl next door and a sweet girl role and even after the completion of Avengers she has signed to act in a film Just Mercy. Out of her passion of acting with a load of talent, Brie Larson at the young age is setting her bars high and a lot more can be seen in her improving career graph in the coming days.