The PG-13 Deadpool 2 is coming for the Christmas weekend and actor Ryan Reynolds has already shot a few scenes for the upcoming version coming before Fox/Disney merger...

The re-release of Deadpool 2 in PG-13 version for Christmas weekend was almost confirmed without official word and now the cat is out of the box. The writers of the film Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick has confirmed to a media that the new version is under construction and the actor Ryan Reynolds has already shot a few new scenes for the film’s new cut.

A few days back Ryan Reynolds tweeted by teasing a picture of him in Deadpool suit reading a comic to Fred Savage which fired the strong rumours on the new Deadpool film and the current confirmation has excited the fans. Though, the happy news didn’t seem to make a complete satisfaction, as this move from Fox is making audience doubt about the possibility of the next Deadpool films in future.

It is also a concern that the upcoming Fox/Disney merger will bring Deadpool to the Marvel Universe which in turn keeps the franchise under the control of Kevin Feige. Hence it is pretty clear that the possibility of next solo Deadpool film lies in the hands of Marvel and the R-rated factor is also under question. 

Although, Fox looks pretty confident about the X-Force spin off film starring the members of the team that appeared in Deadpool 2. The writers of the Deadpool 2 didn’t reveal the characters that are about to be seen in the upcoming PG-13 version, but the spin-off film will possibly bring all the members of team together for a fun filled entertainer.