The Revenant: Beautiful But Brutal Epic

The Revenant: Beautiful But Brutal Epic

The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Poulter and Tom Hardy. The movie is now in wide release domestically as well as internationally.

DiCaprio is nothing less than exceptional in this beautiful yet relentlessly bleak story of how a frontier scout fights to survive during the 1800s after his companions leave him to die in the wild after a bear mauls him.

The survival saga in the 1800s frontier was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The filmmaking is ravishing with long takes of going down river rapids, of clashes with a tribe that ambushes a group and of a mauling grizzly.

The Revenant can be described best as chest pumping. The film s true star is not DiCaprio, it is the camera of Inarritu. He never allows the audience to forget it, with characters even looking into the lens and even fogging it up with their breath.

Located somewhere between Montana and the Dakotas is the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and its pursuit through an uncompromising and hostile territory in search of beaver pelts.

The movie starts with the trappers camping on the riverbank when they are ambushed by Ree searching for a daughter who has been stolen.

That scene of the ambush gives the audience its first taste of what the rest of the movie will bring. There are the occasional surreal dream sequences and whispery flashbacks that make an attempt at giving the film a more spiritual underpinning.

The action does not stop throughout the film. With DiCaprio trying to survive the brutal winter, the film is able to draw in the audience to the character s ever move making the viewer inch toward the edge of his or her seat.

The movie while bleak and beautiful at the same time is filled throughout with how brutal the frontier is and the tragedy of the indigenous people.

The Revenant: Beautiful But Brutal Epic

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