Toronto Film Festival 2018: Best Films and Performances Ranked by Critics
The Toronto film festival comes to an end and its time to announce the best of each category award and the final nominees list has been ranked by the critics votings...

The TIFF 2018 after a long run screening various films from around the world have come to a conclusion and the best films and performances have been voted and ranked by the critics. Over 300 feature films were screened and almost 300 critics, journalists took part in the film festival.

The Film festival is one of the most acclaimed festivals in the world and several times, the winners of TIFF will make it to the Academy nominations and also win the title at an instance. Low-profile films along with some most anticipated films got the curiosity from the critics and some big names dominated the nomination rankings.

Three categories were highlighted in the awards list as Best Film, Best Performance and Best Documentary while the prestigious film award is topped by Roma directed by Alfonso Cuaron with 19% in the finalists’ list followed by A Star is Born and other films. Michael Moores Fahrenheit 11/9 stood at the top of Best Documentary finalists and Yalitzia Aparicio made it to the best performance list with maximum votes of 9% and Lady Gaga is also in the final nominees with 6% votes.

The list of final Nominees under the categories Best Film, Best Documentary and Best Performance is posted below with the percentage of votes it got from the critics in the prestigious film festival. We have to wait and see which of these contenders will steal the festival award amidst tough competition. Roma and A Star is Born are the favourites and dominating names of the season.

Best Film

Roma – 19%

If Beale Street Could Talk – 12%

A Star is Born – 7%

Widows – 6%

Green Book and High Life – 5%

Best Performance

Yalitzia Aparicio (Roma) – 9%

Elisabeth Moss (Her Smell) – 7%

Lady Gaga (A Star is Born) – 6%

Nicole Kidman (Destroyer) – 4%

Viola Davis (Widows) – 3%

Best Documentary

Fahrenheit 11/9 – 19%

Free Solo – 10%

The Biggest Little Farm – 7%

American Dharma – 6%

Quincyand Monrovia, Indiana – 5%