The leaked video from the shooting spot of Spiderman Far from Home is doing rounds in social media and check the new stunningly looking costume of Spiderman...

The new video leaked from the sets of Spiderman: Far from Home shooting shows the favourite superhero Spidey in a new costume and it looks absolutely dashing. The costume looked like a usual spiderman stuff at the centre and the sides were covered by black colour instead of the blues which is regularly seen in Spidey costume.

The video revealed an action sequence being shot in the spot which showed Tom Holland suited as Spidey carrying Zendaya and swing through ropes lifting from a pace to another within a short distance. Another image showed a slight glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal but not in the suit of Mysterio.

The actor was seen prepping for some scene in civilian dress and the images started going viral on Instagram followed by Twitter. A clear image of Spidey and Zendaya was shared through imgur by a fan and that one showed the close glimpse of the costume of Spiderman with a differently designed pattern this time with a white spidey logo at the centre.

The film Spiderman: Far from Home is set to release July 5, 2019, after the release of much awaited Avengers: Infinity War sequel which would make Tom Holland return from the destruction that killed him and made fans emotional.

The leaked video along with imgurimage is shared below, slide through the Instapost to view other pics of Jake Gyllenhaal and Spidey.