First child often times does not bring happiness to parents Says study

First child often times does not bring happiness to parents Says study

Babies are the darling for nearly everyone and even those really don t want to have an offspring typically love babies. They are always cute and make odd noises even when they cannot communicate clearly with us and we can always know from these expressions that the tiny ones are thinking of something or the other.

It is a part of human psychology to desire for babies, at least in part. As for the animals, it is a necessity to procreate to help proliferation of their species. Therefore, most people hold the urge to have babies at some stage or the other in their lives. After all, they represent little bundles of joy.

Well, all these assumptions may not be universally true! According to a new study, it is suggested that within an year after the first child is born, many parents are unhappy to an extent where they decide to have no more children.

In the developed world, for most people, fertility is a matter of choice, say the researchers. When the transition to parenthood presents more difficulties than expected, the parents choose to resort to parity.

The researchers further advice that before begetting children, the potential parents have no firsthand knowledge of what parenting involves and how it is going to work for them.

Rachel Margolis along with Mikko Myrskyla from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany conducted the research. They followed 2016 German couples over a period of two years. At the end of the study, they concluded saying that while most German couple still affirmed that they would love to have at least two children, birthrates have fallen below 1.5 child per women in the preceding 4 decades. Although rising childlessness is discussed often as a cause, what is not recognized widely is that an increasing number of German couple after begetting the first child opt not have the second child that they had initially wanted.

While this fledging unhappiness gradually through the rest of life, at time leading up to even divorce between the couple, it is an acknowledged fact that parents make better leaders, can get work done more efficiently, are better with negotiating and multitasking and can cope with stress better.

First child often times does not bring happiness to parents Says study

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