Google to be broken ?

Google to be broken ?

To find information on the Internet, Google is going to break the exclusive control of the European Parliament. A proposal has been made. Google's business in Europe, the rest of the draft proposal to separate from the search engine company.

The search is on to Europe, 90 percent using Google. Google search or search in the US Government for the US itself is not powerful enough.

On Thursday, members of the European Parliament a proposal to reduce the power of Google in Europe will vote against it.

Trimosa Ramon, one of the member of parliament for bringing this draft. Google's dominance, she says, it's exclusive business is destroying our technology.

The draft proposal, Google is illegal and discriminatory behavior stopping stressed. Were complaining that the advantage of Google's business, as is shown in the search results and the ranking. The user is not considered. The proposal also has been developing online market competition.

Google search results ranking algorithm removes kramaparibartanasila Google's activities separate from Europe to the plan to force the members of the European Parliament.

However, the vote was passed on Thursday, after the draft proposal should be adopted as the recommendations. European Commission accepts this recommendation, if Google can be forced to alter their policies in Europe.

Google has not commented on the authorities in this regard.

However, according to Reuters news agency, the draft does not explicitly Google or any other search engine. But the European Parliament, the main goal of this initiative is that Google, there is no doubt in it. According to them, a person the ability to create new law in this regard is the European Parliament. Jurisdiction of any agency to cut. Bound themselves to offer even Google could not.

But that's okay Indeed, the pressure will be so great act against Google. Google also will increase the pressure on the European Commission to break down.

Google does not comfort the proximity to European markets. Sometimes the tax evasion allegations are not following privacy issues. Google has also alleged monopoly. Microsoft is the name of the organization in the abhiyogadatara.

Google officially last October, Google's chairman Eric smida though some said the Google's monopoly in the field as they did not understand it properly, because it makes a complaint. That said, the focus of the organization or the activities of hard and fast approach is completely different than the way Google works. We do not have any ferry or rail or telecom network or that your home is not the electric grid as a line will not go into the other line. Now no longer limited to the use of Google will not

Google to be broken ?

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