Google, Nasa Announce Installation of New D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer

Google, Nasa Announce Installation of New D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer

D-Wave Systems Inc., a Quantum Computing Company from Canada, has announced that it has reached an agreement covering installation of a succession of the D-Wave systems presently located at Ames Research Center of NASA in California. The agreement will facilitate NASA and Google with sophisticated computing systems to advance machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Further, the agreement supports collaboration between NASA, Google, and USRA (Universities Space Research Association) dedicated to study of quantum computing in machine learning and artificial intelligence as also solutions for difficult problems of optimization.

The new agreement will also enable Google and their partners to maintain their D-Wave system at state-of-the-art condition for seven years, with the new generations of D-Wave systems installed at NASA s Ames as and when they are available.

Vern Brownell, CEO of D-Wave stated that the new agreement represents the largest order in the history of D-Wave and is indicative of the significance of quantum computing in its role towards solving problems that even the largest supercomputers find difficult. He added further that D-Wave values the commitment made by its partners to D-Wave and its technology while being excited about the potential use of its systems for complex optimization and machine learning problems.

Scientists at NASA, USRA, and Google have been using the previous generation of 500 qubit D-Wave Two system that was installed in 2013 at NASA Ames. This was helping them explore the potential of quantum computing as well as its applicability to a wide range of complex problems like speech recognition, web search, scheduling and planning, robotic mission to other planets, and air traffic management.

Hartmut Neven, Director of Engineering at Google and head of Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab stated that the D-Wave processors helped Google in developing and fine-tuning models of quantum annealing. He added that the team was looking forward to continuing the advancements from every generation of the D-Wave systems.

Eugene Tu, Centre Director for Ames Research Center of NASA added that through research at Ames, his team was hoping to demonstrate that quantum algorithms and quantum computing could, at some point in time, dramatically improve human ability to solve difficult problems of optimization for aeronautics missions, space exploration and space and Earth sciences.

Tu added further that the key to achieving the defined goals was the availability of quantum systems that were increasingly more powerful and that the work has now got underway with the latest technology from D-Wave.

Google, Nasa Announce Installation of New D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer

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