For people who are looking to maintain an ideal BMI, there are three key ingredients that make up the best diet:-</p></p> It should be a healthy diet</p>

For people who are looking to maintain an ideal BMI, there are three key ingredients that make up the best diet:-

It should be a healthy diet

It has your favorites, but in moderation even when they may not be wholly healthy

It is a diet that keeps you going throughout your life so it has enough calories, variety, and flexibility

But, this is not the message that dieters like. Instead, often times, they believe there is a magic potion that will help them lose weight quickly and easily so that they can get back to the old way of eating pretty soon. Understandably, this belief is wildly prevalent, and the media does its bit by reinforcing the belief at constant intervals. Remember the Dr. Oz show a couple of years ago.

Making it more complicated for you is the fact that when you start eating more, the scale remains constant for about 3 days. You throw the diet regimen to the winds for a day, and still your weight is the same next day. You are now confident that you can get away with more food, and you start indulging. It takes a short while before you see the needle on the scale swinging to the wrong side. And, this swing will continue till you return to the ideal 1200 calories.

1200 calories Yes, 1200 calories are by far inadequate for an average individual. Therefore, it is better to pick a calorie range that has several hundred calories more. So, instead of having to manipulate your weight at regular intervals and start eating more when you think your weight is under control, you are better off finding an ideal diet regimen for a lifetime.

Learning to moderate your food intake is the key to a sustainable diet regimen. Most popular diets can result in just modest loss of weight. The average that you can expect is shedding just a few pounds. On the contrary, choose a reasonable diet and modify it to have at least one from your favorite food (can even be a junk food) once every day. Eliminating your favorite food for a while only to return to it later does not help.

The best way, therefore, is to learn moderating what you eat, right from the beginning and implement it sincerely. This way, the impact on the way you eat will be permanent, and the results will start showing up sooner, than later.