Additional support of about 1bn pledged by David Cameron for mental health

Additional support of about 1bn pledged by David Cameron for mental health

As David Cameron sets out how the extra cash will benefit the services in the U.K., he will also convene a more mature conversation on mental health. Anorexic teenagers and new mothers having problems with their mental health are expected to receive specialist care with the money allocated by Cameron. The Prime Minister is further expected to pledge additional support in A&E departments of hospitals. He has also plans to demolish some of the worst council estates in England and announce support for new parenting. He is also expected to say that mental illness is not a contagious disease, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Further, he would also state that as a nation, England needs to be significantly more mature about the ailment. Less whispering, less of hushed tones and more of open and frank discussion are also expected to be among what he would call for.

The PM also stated that we should eliminate the embarrassment and shame and people should be allowed to know that they are not alone in this and that they need not suffer silently when the clouds are descending. He added that as a society, we should be able to tell anyone struggling to ask their doctor for help, talk to someone and that support will always be available.

The specific measures that are expected and would apply to England alone are:-

Allocation of 290m to provide 30,000 more women every year access to specialized mental health care during pre-natal and post-natal periods including through appropriate classes spread over the period up to 2020.

247m to be spent in the next 5 years to ensure that mental services are available in every hospital as part of their Accident and Emergency unit

Teenagers having eating disorders to have a new target of waiting time and the number of patients receiving attention within a month after they are referred will be tracked.

Setting a target that at least 50% of people experiencing mental illness for the first time receives treatment within a span of two weeks.

The Prime Minister will also make a reference to his plans for spending 140m towards regeneration council estates, double the funding to 70m for relationship counseling across the next 5 years and relaunch the coalition policy on parenting classes that were criticized consequent to low take up in the pilot scheme.

Additional support of about 1bn pledged by David Cameron for mental health