Breastfeeding Mom Drinking Alcohol Effects on Baby and Safety Tips, the child may face a cognitive deficit at the age of 7, it is safe to avoid drinking before feeding

Latest researches convey that the breastfeeding mom drinking alcohol will have effects on the baby that influences the cause of cognitive deficits of the child until a certain age. Erica Rothenstein is breastfeeding who is breastfeeding her 9-month-old baby talks about her drinking habit and her priority of feeding her baby over the alcohol intake that made her compromise her drinking to a specified amount in a day and not before breastfeeding.

New Pediatrics research suggests that the consumption of alcohol before breastfeeding will result in the exposure of alcohol to the baby which affects the reasoning and thinking skills of the baby. Dr Elissa Rubin said that the child may face a cognitive deficit at the age of around 7, although the condition gets adopted when time passes and on and will be back to normal. The research was conducted with more than 5000 babies and was evaluated every 2 years until the age of 11 starting from 2004.

Effects on Baby and Safety Tips:

The results were quite shocking that the children who were feed by the mom with more intake of alcohol, lacked thinking skills and recorded low scores. Although the deficit is little, it is safe for the mom to avoid drinking alcohol before breastfeeding and if she feels that alcohol is still in her body before feeding, it is better to pump out the milk with that nature and carry on things safely. When tested with smoking habits of the mom, it didnt have a notable change in the infants conditions but if a mom prefers a safe breastfeeding of her baby, it is safe to avoid such habits during the certain period.