Government Looking at Possible Link Between Cancer and Artificial Turf

Government Looking at Possible Link Between Cancer and Artificial Turf

For years, there have been many concerned about the safety of artificial turf.

Back in 2014, NBC investigated the possible link between the artificial turf s rubber crumbs and women soccer players developing cancer.

The NBC broadcast looked at Amy Griffin, a University of Washington associate head coach of women s soccer. In her own words, Griffin said she discovered a number of kids that have played on athletic fields made of artificial turf and have soon thereafter developed cancer.

Griffin has put together a list of 38 soccer players from the U.S., of which 34 are goalkeepers, who have received a diagnosis of cancer.

As many as 12 played in Washington however the spread geographically of the players is nationwide.

The cancers that are most common amongst those players are leukemia and lymphoma.

In 2015, during March, the USA Today published a report that said lead levels in artificial turf were high enough to where children could potentially be harmed. Artificial turf tested was used by schools, playgrounds as well as daycare locations around the country.

However, two federal agencies are still promoting the surface as being safe.

The increasing use of turf fields that are layered with the rubber crumbs has caused more concern for the health of players mostly as to whether the players are facing increased injury risk, skin infections and cancer.

The U.S. has over 11,000 fields made from artificial turf, which can cost over $1 million to be replaced.

NBC followed up their telecast one year later to say that despite a number of reports on the debate over the rubber crumbs safety, federal agencies have remained for the most part silent.

However, following a great deal of pressure from many sides, it was reported this weekend that three government agencies in the U.S. will team together to study if fields made of artificial turf along with playgrounds that used parts of recycled tires are exposing U.S. children to chemicals that are dangerous.

Government Looking at Possible Link Between Cancer and Artificial Turf

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