Sesame oil, castor oil to the navel of the stomach and the abdominal area,Soaked fenugreek seeds or sprouted fenugreek seeds, Sesame seeds fried and mixed with Jaggery

Menstrual cramps are caused by the smooth muscle contractions in the uterus during shredding of the lining of the uterus(as it is no longer needed for an implant of the embryo to the walls, which happens after fertilization of the female egg).  The menstrual cycle happens every 28 days, it varies with each individual.  The pain usually occurs in the hip region and at the back.

Dysmenorrhea or pain during menses is a common problem to all woman, especially to those who have not given birth. After childbirth, this pain becomes almost reduced.

The pain is caused due to the secretion of the hormone prostaglandins, which helps to contract the uterus. Health wise it is good to have painful periods because of pain results as a result of good uterine contraction.  These strong contractions help to expel all the unwanted substances to the maximum level.  So there is nothing to worry of painful periods except the discomfort one faces. The pain decreases as the age advances.

-Application of Sesame oil on the center of the head cools the whole body and reduces the body heat. -Application of castor oil to the navel of the stomach and the abdominal area, where your experience pain will have an everlasting effect. -Soaked fenugreek seeds or sprouted fenugreek seeds help to relieve menstrual pain.  Cumin tea helps to relieve the pain. Preparation is simple.  Simply boil two to three teaspoon in a cup of water and strain to have a cumin seed drink. -A good intake of ripe papayas with a glass of milk proves to be good for menstrual pain. -Sesame seeds fried and mixed with Jaggery or Palm Jaggery will do wonders.  You can also make balls with appropriate proportions and store it for almost a week.  It is rich in iron content which helps in the blood loss during menses. Also, sesame seeds are rich in selenium, that cures anxiety and depression.  It is also a rich source of dietary fiber.  These seeds are rich in antioxidants such as sesamin, sesamolin and sesamol. -Take Pomegranate that gives good strength to the uterus and also they are rich in iron. -Take Kimia dates which are highly nutritious with a good iron supplement. -Female infants should never take soy products as they are likely to produce more problems during adolescence. -Steam bath or hot water bath helps to reduce the menstrual pain naturally.